End goal is to have trusted
deployments = results

Curated content

  • Cost Savings
  • Plausible Deniability
  • Gold Standard
  • Open-Source Street Smarts


  • Hardend
  • Mutli Arch
  • HPC Storage
  • Easy Of Deployment
  • Enterprise Grade
Speed of pulls around the world
  • Access to Registries Around the World is Limited by Internet Speeds
  • Local Cache Needed
  • Pulls and Push for Images are Increasing
  • Limits are Being imposed by Public Registries
  • Windows Containers are Huge
  • Remote Teams have Issues both Pulling or Pushing
The enterprise distribution of safeharbor

Software appliance

  • Full Feature Set, Based On The Harbor Open Source Project
  • Full Integration With Key Systems
  • Easy And Reliable To Deploy To Hybrid Cloud Environments
  • Support For X86, Arm, MIPS, Etc. & Windows/Linux OS

Hardware appliance

  • Use of Parallel Storage Systems for High Availability
  • Self Replication for DR Needs
  • Self Contained and Easy and Reliable of Deployment for most on Prim Needs

Software Release platform

  • Multi Cloud Deployment Hosted or Integration with On Prim Registry
  • Work in Air Gapped Systems
  • Full Deployment to the Edge and Beyond with Federation

Years in Container Ecosystem


Open-Source Project


Open-Source Contributions

Devgistics’s contributionsMembers & contributors

Devgistics is a member of the Open Container Initiative (OCI), a Linux Foundation group defining container standards. Our SVP, Tianon Gravi, is part of their Technical Developers Community

Devgistics is a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), a Linux Foundation group defining container standards. Our engineers contribute to their runC, containerd, Notary, and Harbor projects.

Devgistics is a one of Docker’s Oldest Partner. Developed and Maintains the Docker Official Image Program. Our team includes Docker Core Maintainer (one of few in the world outside Docker).